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Have photos already taken within your business? Of your products? Then watch this tutorial as I show you how to edit them all in an App Called QUIK.This is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Here are some examples you could use this for:

  • Nightclub or Bar? Create a highlight video of an event you just wrapped up.
  • Hotel or Salon? Highlight reel of your staff and customers interacting throughout the day or week.
  • Hairdresser or beautician? Video of your products combined with before and after photos of your work with a customer.
  • Accountant or Mortgage Adviser? Showcase a clients business with this simple video technique by using photos from their Facebook Page.
  • Network Marketer? Use photos of a new team member and create a “Welcome to the team video”.
Case Study Example: Training Hub Gym, Cloughmills, Ireland.

The TrainingHub’s total TouchCall Number Activity/Statistics via Facebook Posts:
  • Clicks on Phone to call: 2608
  • Clicks on Laptop sending Facebook User private Facebook Conversation: 151

Steps to Success

  1. Create Quik Video. Always finished with “Click to Call”.
  2. Post to Facebook with TouchCall number.
  3. Boost for £5 to local audience.
  4. BOOM! Sales leads.

Now it’s your turn! Take Action!

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