Who doesn’t love a cold cider on a warm day! Videoing with Splice is super easy if you keep your video clips short and sweet!

This tutorial is perfect for any hospitality business but use your imagination to see how you could use it.

Try it for a food video: Substitute the Cider for gravy. The glass for a plated sirloin steak.

Try it for another industry. Be creative. Use the trimming tool and slow motion tools for showcasing your own main product:

  • Hairdresser: Creating a new hairstyle video
  • Retail: Unpackage and build a flatpack product
  • Fitness: Showcase a daily workout video.
  • Makeup Artist: Before and After video
Case Study Example: Ivan Hoe Hotel, Belfast, Ireland.

Ivan Hoe Hotel’s total TouchCall Number Activity via Facebook Posts:
  • Clicks on Phone to call: 50
  • Clicks on Laptop sending Facebook User private Facebook Conversation: 115

Try today but keep it short and simple to start:

  1. Combine two contrasting scenes
  2. Post to Facebook with TouchCall number.
  3. Boost for £5 to local audience.
  4. BOOM! Sales leads.

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