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This is one of the hottest audiences to target on Facebook. Follow this tutorial as I show you how to target LOCAL people who are in a relationship. I also show you how to break it down into boyfriends and girls – unlocking countless advertising strategies.

Campaign Examples:
  • Salons: Target local boyfriends and tell them to treat their girlfriends to your product/service.
  • Barbers: Target local girlfriends and tell them to treat their boyfriends to your product/service.
  • Gyms or Spas: Target couples with couples packages.
Case Study Example: Havana Bank Square, Belfast, Ireland.

Havana Bank Square total TouchCall Number Activity/Statistics via Facebook Posts:
  • Clicks on Phone to call: 262
  • Clicks on Laptop sending Facebook User private Facebook Conversation: 100

Are you in the Hospitality Industry? Try these steps…
Drinks Promo Example
Step 1 – Using your phone – Create a video showing showing a drink being poured in slow motion using Splice (See Module 3).
Step 2 – Post to Facebook with TouchCall number saying – “Call to book in –” (See Module 4).
Step 3 – Boost for £5 per day to this local adults for 1 month. (See Module 5)
Step 4 – BOOM! Sales Calls.

You can also target others relationship status or combine them:
  • Single
  • In a relationship
  • Engaged
  • Married

Remember #DoneBeatsPerfect #PassionBeatsGloss

Take action today!

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