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Is your target market local but mainly students? Maybe this is part of your product offering. Imagine if you could spend £5 and land your advertisement in students Facebook Newsfeeds in your local area? Your budget would not be wasted on people who live to far away to the point it is unlikely they will call you and purchase. Nor would it land in peoples who didn’t suit the promotion. I am going to show you how to execute this!

Examples of Campaigns you could use for these

Pizza Shop – Target local student with special mid week special if they call and book in using the promo code “FACEBOOK”
Restaurants – Target local student groups to book in for lunch time 2for1 specials if they call and book today using the promo code “FACEBOOK”.
Night Clubs – Target student to book VIP Group table and get a free bottle of Prosecco if they call and use promo code “FACEBOOK”.

Night Club Example
Step 1 – Using your phone – Create video of Prosecco being poured in slowmotion using Splice App. (See Module 3)
Step 2 – Post to Facebook with TouchCall number saying – “FREE Bottle of Prosecco for all Group Table Bookings. Call to book in –” (See Module 4).
Step 3 – Boost for £5 per day to this local students audience for 1 month. (See Module 5)
Step 4 – BOOM! Sales leads.