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Did you know you can target locals in your area within certain age range? Here I show you how to target local teenage boys and girls in your local area.

Campaign Examples:

Music Lessons: Create a video of one of you current student playing a well know song in the charts and boost it to this audience with the call to action “Interested in signing up for Music Lessons? Call us today”


Step 1 – Create a Splice Video of Student playing Chorus on Song (See Module 3)
Step 2 – Post to Facebook with TouchCall number saying – “Interested in signing up for Music Lessons? Call us today” (See Module 4).
Step 3 – Boost for £5 per day to LOCAL Teenager audience for 1 month. (See Module 5)
Step 4 – BOOM! Sales leads.

Case Study Example: The Training Hub Gym, Cloughmills, Ireland.

How many times was their TouchCall Number clicked:
  • Clicks on Phone to call: 224
  • Clicks on Laptop sending Facebook User to contact page on website: 35