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How to target Single people in your LOCAL area on Facebook.

Did you know you can target people based on their relationship status? Here I show you how to target people who are single. this tutorial is perfect for the business who are targeting people with high disposable income.

Best results for Nightclubs, Pubs, events and many more.

Case Study Example: Havana Bank Square, Belfast, Ireland.

Havana Bank Square total TouchCall Number Activity/Statistics via Facebook Posts:
  • Clicks on Phone to call: 262
  • Clicks on Laptop sending Facebook User private Facebook Conversation: 100

Are you in the Hospitality Industry? Try these steps…
Drinks Promo Example
Step 1 – Using your phone – Create a video showing showing a drink being poured in slow motion using Splice (See Module 3).
Step 2 – Post to Facebook with TouchCall number saying – “Call to book in –” (See Module 4).
Step 3 – Boost for £5 per day to this local adults for 1 month. (See Module 5)
Step 4 – BOOM! Sales Calls.

This is just one example! Use your creativity to outsmart your competition.

You can also target others relationship status or combine them:

  • Single
  • In a relationship
  • Engaged
  • Married

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